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It's been 3 years since Missy's last album, "The Cookbook" dropped in stores, and she has been pretty low-key. But news has surface of a new album and "reported" new single.

For starters, why name your new album FANomenal?

I had a contest (in March to let fans name the album) and we had so many people taking part. There were so many fans and I decided I wanted to dedicate it to my fans and spell it with F-A-N. Fanomenal. So I dedicate this album to my fans. I have had so many people sticking with Missy from Day One. So this album is for them.

It has been three years since the last record. It was the longest gap between your albums. What took you so long to come up with a new album?

I was working on other artistes’ records. Sometimes, you feel like taking a break and getting your thoughts together. It’s not like I wanted to have a long break and to have people missing me. But when my record comes out, I want it to be of the best quality. I’ve been busy working on other artistes’ albums and now I’m ready to put an album out.

"Act A Fool", the "rumored" first single is suppose to impact radio in the next upcoming weeks. "FANomenal" the album is expected to hit stores later this year.


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