I've been tagged by Lolo's Cube. Thanks babe, much luv!

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1. I'm a re-run whore. I watch everything from Martin, Living Single, My Wife and Kids, The Parkers, The Wayans Brothers, Malcom and Eddie-etc over and over again. I sit there and watch it and laugh like it's the first time I ever seen it, and I'm sure I can recite every line.

2. I like cold spaghetti. I don’t know why, but it just taste better cold.

3. I HATE heat! Don’t come around me on a hot summer day unless you want to get your feelings hurt!

4. I’m a reformed shop-lifter. I use to hit up Target and Wal-Mart real nice, until me Mother and Father set fire to my ass!

5. I wish BET would cancel 106&Park. I can deal with Terrence but Rocsi gots to go...she reminds me of my annoying little cousin!

6. I hate getting up early, I likes my rest. I just hate when that alarm clock goes off at 7:15 in the morning! I just want to take a sledge hammer and smash it the fu*k up!......but I can't, the 1st of the month will be here before you know it.....LOL!

Now I'm suppose to tag 6 other bloggers, but I don't feel like going threw a list! So basically, if your a blogger and you have your on blog.....Tag, your it!

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