I don't know the reason behind this sudden trend. A "man bag" as they call it within the industry, but you and me know damn well it's a purse! Has been spotted around the arm of nearly every man in Hollywood.

I'm just dying to know what they keep inside, all except for Terrence Howard. Something about him just makes me itch. I wouldn't be surprised if he had some inscents, massage oils and a dildo down in there(jokingly speaking), cause y'all know he finds looking in men's eyes attractive. That's what he told, Giant magazine:

… Sometimes men are drawn to each other and don’t know how to deal with that. So they think, ‘I must be gay!’ But we hide from the quality that is most prolific in human beings, to express love. God is love. And we remain in his image. Only one other angel is made in his image, and he became Jesus on this earth, his only begotten son. So why is it that we run from love? Why can’t men look at each other in the eye with honesty?”

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