Something tells me that we will be seeing a reality show from them in the near future! Just watch.

I'm sure everyone has seen the infamous reunion video in which former member, Woody confessed on the radio that he would no longer like to be apart of he group, and all hell broke loose. That fight looked fake as hell.

But none the less, the remaining members were serious about reuniting, that they held an open casting call in the Baltimore area to find a new member. The search lasted a couple of weeks and last night on Baltimore's, 92Q Jams they announced the winner.

A winner by the name of, Ta-o(WTF?)was selected to be the fourth member to complete the group.

Dru Hill has fallen off to me. I'm not even going to lie, back in the day I bumped, "Tell Me" and "Somebodys Sleepin In My Bed" hard. There last album was some garbage and Sisqo done, "Gone Country". It's just to much for me!

New member, Ta-o.

Please pass the mic.

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