I was going to post this last night, with this being my first and all but I was hella tired.

Well folks, after 5 years and 5 seasons, “The Wire” premiered it’s last episode last night and I must say it left me feeling used and wanting more. I’ve been a fan since day one and consider myself some-what of a “Wire” junkie.

The episode opened with Daniels and Pearlman informing Carcetti and his informants of the fake murders started by McNulty and Lester. Carcetti, of course was pissed because of all the police work the city was doing and money that was being spent and that this lie could hurt him in the elections in November for governor. Daniels and Pearlman were told to keep this a secret and to secretly inform McNulty and Lester on their actions.

Marlo got off on everything, Chirs took the fall for all the murders and was sentenced to serve life in prison with no parole. Marlo also sold the co-op connection for $10 million and was informed by his lawyer(Levy) to walk away from the crack game and lose all ties with the streets unless a trial was going to be coming his way. Slim bought the new connect, after killing Cheese for setting up Prop Joe, thus making him the new King of the corners.

Daniels quite the force because he could not agree with the decisions made to cover up the murders and took on a new job as a district attorney, Pearlman followed the orders given by Carcetti and was promoted to a city judge. McNulty and Lester also quite the force after Pearlman informed them that they could no longer do detective work, but could continue on as regular city cops.

Dukie has fallen victim to drugs, thus making him the new Bubbles. Michael robbed one of Marlo’s stash houses and took some of his money, thus making him the new Omar. Kima informed both McNulty and Lester that she told on them and said “it was the right thing to do”. Both her and Bunk remained detectives and continue to work on the streets.

Templeton, the news reporter, unfortunately won a Pulitzer prize for his work on the “fake murders” in which he lied about himself. Which makes me think “How much of the news is really real?”, Gus was forced to shut up and continue his work as being an editor.

Overall, time has passed and it shows Carcetti becoming governor, and Caver being promoted from sergeant to police commissioner. Bubbles made full recovery and is now allowed upstairs with the family, his story was printed in the newspaper.

As I was writing this post, I came to the conclusion that the ending was great and that once I thought about everything it was very simple. The game remains the same, the players just change.

What was your take on the finale, and did you like it?

Now that it’s over, there’s nothing left to watch. I know one thing, I can cancel my HBO and save $12.00! LOL!!!

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