Remy Man......excuse me, Remy Ma aka Remy Smith began her trail yesterday for allegedly shooting her best friends over some money.

Here is a recap of what went down.

Assistant District Attorney Jason Berland told the 12 jurors. The two
struggled over the woman’s bag, and Barnes-Joseph was shot and wounded during
the struggle. Smith’s lawyer Ivan Fisher said the incident was an accident and
portrayed Barnes-Joseph as a celebrity groupie who misrepresented what happened
in hopes of winning money from Smith. “This case will leave you with enormous
doubt,” he said.

The prosecutor portrayed Smith as irresponsible and calculating. After
fleeing the scene, Smith slammed her car into a parked vehicle, badly damaging
both. Smith and her boyfriend, the rapper Papoose, were later behind the beating
of two men, one of whom was the boyfriend of an eyewitness to the shooting.
(Smith) is not the type of person to sit back and let people testify against
her,” Berland said.

Shit, I hope this doesn't hold up her and Papoose's wedding. The wedding dress she put a lay-a-way can only be held for so long, those $5.00 payments are needed.


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