Michelle Williams and BET had a little fallen out yesterday. The entertainment channel "reportedly" opted not to play Michelle's new video, "We Break The Dawn" because it wasn't urban enough! The video has been getting heavy play on MTV and MTV2, and Michelle appeared on TRL yesterday to promote the single and her upcoming album, "Unexpected".

The singer also gave her opinion on the whole thing, via her MySpace.

A lot of you guys are wondering why it’s not on BET!!! Well how can I say this without starting any drama……..it may not be ‘urban’ enough!!! Whatever the hell that means!!! (this is the political foolishness we artists go through on a daily basis).

Then a little later, Michelle mended the situation and all with BET is forgiven.....I think anyway...LOL

Hey y’all I wanted to be clear to you guys about BET. They did not reject my video for not being urban. It was just given to the channel this week as my urban radio plan is starting to take effect. The political side that I was referring to was how things happen in stages not always at the time that artist want it, it is a process! My video actually aired on BET yesterday on BET Now which I hosted and I will be hosting another episode on Friday as well. BET is supporting me (I know you guys want to see my in rotation on the channel and I was trying to address the many questions) and you will see ‘Break the Dawn’ on the channel in the weeks to come so keep checking back for dates

...I don't understand that sh*t at all, BET played that Madonna and Justin Timberlake video very heavily.


[Image Provided by AP]

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