Once again I am sorry for the lack of updates for the past two days. I just had to step away from the computer a little bit, I was starting to fall out of love with blogging, it was starting to become a "job" than a hobby. But none the less, I'm all refreshed and ready to get sh*t crackin' again!! I've also have an idea for a new site in the works, don't worry "So Damn Fresh" will remain active.

Ashanti recently had an interview with Men's Health magazine and the singer revealed her "8 Laws of Attraction".

1. Bring On the PDA

"I'm an affectionate girl. I like a man who's not afraid to show his love and grab me and give me a big hug and a kiss. I like when you pick me up. You can even mush me until I say, 'Okay, get away from me.'"

2. Go for Effortless Cool "Don't put on a show for me. That's a turnoff. Your confidence and your swagger have to come from within."

3. Don't Judge "I have to feel like I can tell you anything. I wouldn't want to worry about feeling embarrassed. I don't think I can fall in love with someone I'm not friends with."

4. Love Your Family "I'm a family girl. You have to have a soft spot for your kids, your mom, your dad. That has to be something that can really penetrate your heart."

5. Look Good -- But Not Better Than Me "I don't like dirty shoes. If you have Timberlands, they have to be crispy. White sneakers need to be white. I don't like tight jeans -- your jeans shouldn't be tighter than mine. I definitely don't want my guy to be more groomed than me."

6. Pass the Sniff Test "A man's smell is so important. I like something masculine, not one of those old-fashioned scents. Nothing strong, but when your hoodie is on the bed, I want to be able to smell it. I don't like nasty, cheap cologne. I like a natural, just-got-out-of-the-shower scent."

7. Go Easy on Shiny "I like jewelry on guys -- just not so much that it's overbearing. I like a nice watch."

8. Enjoy Cereal Monogamy "What's sexy to me is being in pj's all day, sitting around having fun -- like I'm lounging on the couch and I've got my feet on you, and you've got your feet on me, and we're flipping through the channels, eating Cap'n Crunch."

..So this is how Nelly got the "good-good". I'm just stuck on number 7, Nelly does have enough jewelry to feed every hungry child in Africa. Ashanti's new album, "The Declaration" is in stores now!


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GMA performance under the hood...

Ashanti performed on "Good Morning America". She even hooked backed up with Ja Rule for a performance.

"The Way I Love You"

"Always On Time"

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