I'm sleeping as hell, and I decided to give you peeps one more post before I call it a night!...See how much I love you folks.

The MTV network just gave the greenlight for the 21st season of "The Real World", which will be filmed in Brooklyn, NY. "The Real World: Hollywood" is the latest season, and can be seen every Wednesday night at 10pm. It is also being reported that it was unclear whether the show would be returning for another season, but the current ratings this season are so high that the network decided to renew the project for another season.

Filming begins this summer, and it's unknown what part of Brooklyn the show will be filmed in. Let's hope it's not a bad part, because I would hate for one of them, stuck-up rich white girls to get robbed and shanked on the subway. But that would make for some interesting T.V., Just kidding....LOL(No, I'm not!)

...I stopped watching after Hawaii and Vegas, and to be honest I didn't think it still came on. I miss me some Coral though! She put that white boy in his place, remember???....go check YouTube if you don't, like I said I'm tired!


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