The trailer for the movie, Batman "The Dark Knight" was released today. The film hits theaters everywhere on July 18th.

The movie stars Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Maggie Gyllenhall and the late Heath Ledger, who has been winning critics prays as "The Joker".

Here is quick summary plot of the movie:
Right after taking out Ra's Al Ghul's plan and the mysterious disappearance of Dr. Jonathan Crane AKA Scarecrow, Batman continues his seemingly-endless effort to bring justice to Gotham's crime and corrupt with the help of Lt. James Gordon and new appointed District Attorney Harvey Dent. But this time, The Dark Knight faces a rising psychopathic criminal called The Joker, who's eerie grin makes him more dangerous than what he has yet to unleash. It becomes an agenda to both enemies that only one of them remains and are willing to break every part of what they believe in to stop the other.

The movie looks good, a complete upgrade from the last. I might go out and see it.

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