Now I know this post may seem a little bit off topic, but when I had this conversation with my friend, I just had to tell somebody.

I was talking to my friend yesterday(wassup, nicole)on the phone, and we were talking about just random dumb sh*t and what each other was doing, and so on and so on. While talking on the phone, I got hungry and wanted something to eat. I went into the kitchen and opened the fridge and found nothing that would satisfy my taste buds. Meanwhile we were still talking, I then looked on top of the fridge and saw some, Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. I thought, "Oh damn, it's about to be on", I grabbed a bowl and a spoon and sat it on the table and looked back in the fridge and guess what I saw? NO DAMN MILK! PISSED.

Don't you just hate that when you have your mouth set on something and you go to get ready to eat it, you don't have all the ingredients? I was hella mad, Nicole then asked me what was wrong and I told her. Y'all are going to laugh when you hear this.

I said, "I ain't got no milk!". She said, "Do you got some can milk?". I looked in the cabinet and said, "Yeah". She then gave me a recipe for MILK. Lord, have mercy, WTF?? I was just dumb founded and immediately laughed, I have never heard of a recipe for milk in my life. Last time I checked, milk comes from a cow. Correct?

I was just speechless and I still have not eaten. By that time we ended our conversation and I was getting hungrier by the minute. I made up my mind and since I try everything once, I gave her "homemade milk" recipe a try. I was shocked, It didn't taste half bad, but in no way would I continue to use this over milk.

So if you ever run out of milk, here is a quick, simple recipe.

- 1 cup of evaporated milk, or can milk as we call it in the hood.
- 1/2 cup of water. Tap or bottle, your choice.

Stir very well, and pour it into you favorite cereal.

Rachael Ray, Martha Stewart, and Emeril, don't got stealing my sh*t!

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