Former pimp, Big Boom has just released his second book, "How To Duck A Suckah: A Guide To Living A Drama Free Life". His first book, "If You Want Closure in Your Relationship Start with Your Legs(love that title....LMFAO!!)", became an instant bestseller. Big Boom is offering up a second helping of relationship advice, so that woman can avoid "no good men".

Did I mention that Boom is now married and has found God. Yeah, whatever. I know he can still spot a two dollar hoe a mile away!

Boom also gives you different types of suckah's:
-The Preacher-Type Suckah
-The Long-Distance Suckah
-The Midnight Star Suckah
-The No Satisfaction Suckah
-The Down Low Suckah (Do you ladies know him?)

He also offers "Ten Fatal Mistakes Woman Make With Their Men". Karrine Steffans, you should be taking notes! Number six had me rolling.

1) Having Sex Too Early
"By having sex too early, you use the leverage and the understanding that you have to make him appreciate you better and to be genuinely concerned about you. To most men, you've already given the best part, because that is all they came for. Just remember that the beginning of love always starts off as a game."

2) Misunderstandings
"When you think he loves you, and he loves you not. All he wants to do is make love to you. He already knows that he didn't come to stay, and you will soon find out that you were just in the way."

3) Over talking
"Why would you tell him everything about you, when you know nothing about him??? When it comes to men, it is better to listen and learn than to speak and teach."

4) Making the First Call
"If you make the first call, you show interest and make him change his approach to pursuing you, because it is easier now. The phone call has told him that already."

5) Introducing Him to Your Loved Ones Too Soon
"He could put on a show to make them adore him so they encourage you to keep him. Don't fall for the trick unless the dog likes him too!"

6) Telling Your Kids That He's Their Uncle
"Then letting them see their uncle walk out of the bedroom with you half naked. Will leave your kids saying, 'You are not my daddy.'"

7) Not Asking Enough Questions
"Get out the shovel and dig deep for the things that he doesn't want you to know. I beg you to collect as much information as you possibly can...get answers!"

8) Falling for Material Things
"All of us, at one time or another, have borrowed someone else's car; that could have been his day to borrow the car. Treat every day like it is April Fool's Day, until you find out the truth."

9) Letting Him Know Where You Live Too Soon
"When you discover you don't want to see him anymore, it is not as easy as you think to get rid of him, because he has too much information."

10) Taking the Relationship Further When You Know You Don't Want Him
"If dating isn't fun, the marriage surely won't be. If you know that you don't like him, tell him up front."

The book also tackles subjects as STD's, signs of a cheater, having sex to early and abusive relationships.[SOURCE]

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