Usher has finally set a release date for his upcoming album, "Here I Stand". The release date for the project is June 8th, and the first single off the album, "Love In This Club" featuring Young Jeezy is the number 1 song in the country. The album features production from Jermaine Dupri, Polow Da Don, Sean Garrett, Timbaland and many more.

I, myself was kind of worried when Usher was going to release another album. His last album, "Confessions" sold 9 million copies and spawned 3 number 1 singles. Usher was probably nervous to release any new material, scared that it might not meet or over achieve the success of "Confessions".

To be honest, I am not really feeling the new song at all. Maybe it has to grow on me, but to me it sounds like a song that was left off "Confessions"

It's a good thing to hear that Tameka is letting him work again.

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