According to MSNBC via OK magazine, Tyra Banks has had enough of "Americas Next Top Model" and is ready to call it quits.

The show which is currently in it's 1oth season is the highest rated program for the CW network. Rumors are circulating that Tyra and creative director Jay Manuel are not seeing eye to eye. It has become so bad that reports are saying that, Tyra is not even fully involved with show anymore and only shows up on judging days, and leaves right after.

A publicist for Tyra, has not commented or confirmed if this is true. It's also being reported that Tyra is looking for another supermodel to replace her on the panel and will just fall back as being a executive producer. It's also being said that another reason why, Tyra is not fully committed to "Top Model" anymore is because she is focusing more on her talk show and other business ventures. SOURCE

I'm personally fed up with "Top Model" all together, I think the show is fake. My reason for saying that is, why don't any of the winners ever become, "Top Models"?

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